Rakashans hail from the World where they are now rare. They bear great enmity toward humans and in turn are despised by them for the brutal nature of the long wars they fought long ago. The humans desired the rich resources of the forests and the rakashans defended the violation of their dark forest homes by slaughtering whole villages of defenseless farmers and raiding caravans wherever their routes took them too near the forest edge. Through strength in numbers, superior equipment and brutality of their own, the humans eventually brought the conflicts to a close. Many rakashans chose exile in Makerland over living as second-class citizens in the World while others were branded prisoners brought in irons to Makerland to suffer a slow death in the harsh environment.

Relations between the two races are somewhat better in Makerland, being more like rival gangs than a continuation of the wars long ago fought and settled. This does not prevent deadly encounters from occurring now and again, especially in the wasteland, but the races keep primarily to themselves in the cities which helps keep the violence to a minimum. Woe though to the lone wanderer that blunders into the wrong enclave however, for such careless folk are rarely seen again.


  • Racial Enemy: Human

See page 21 in the Savage World Deluxe Edition rulebook for other stats on rakashans.

Rakashans in Edge

Rakashans are semi-matriarchal; males are leaders, but females, being the life bringers, are respected and honored. Our society is composed of clan-based groups, and there is some fighting/feuding amongst (and occasionally within) clans, but not too much. If clans grow too large they will peacefully divide. Rakashans live primarily in forested areas, isolated yet rich in resources. We have not actively sought contact with other species, other than prey. The forest is a living thing, and is not to be harmed; we only take what we need from it, harvesting the old, sick, and weak first. Rakashan society in Edge is not the same as at home, it has adapted and become more of a gang based structure, with the gangs replacing the clans. Our lower population and wide variety of clans that we originated from contributed to this shift, as well as the conflicts between races that prompted us to seek safety in numbers.

On a society level, Rakashans tolerate humans and humans tolerate Rakashans. Elements of both societies are on each side of this struggle – one extreme calls for unity, respect, put aside differences; the other, blatant discrimination, even kill on sight. Appearing to be a blend of two species has made it difficult for Rakashans to integrate into other societies. Those active elements of both societies that resist (passively and actively) acceptance and integration of our societies have kept the fires of distrust burning; we trust our own kind.

Rakashans fought intensely with humans to avoid a second potential genocide. We were almost wiped out once, and it will never happen again. The humans started it, blatantly and unpurposefully destroying parts of our sacred forest. We are quite possessive and protective, especially of things of import to us. Fortunately we are not too competitive amongst ourselves, but we can be vindictive of others, both our own kind and outsiders.

Rakashans are quite adept at using tools (natural agility/dexterity), and have developed many industry-type skills, particularly regarding natural resources. This has helped us in our relationships with and integration into other societies. Rakashans have thriving industries in furs, skins/leather, and wood. Hunting is also a natural for us. While historically not focused on accumulating wealth/possessions, as we have acclimated and joined other cultures we have learned how, and the benefits of doing so. Not all Rakashans follow that lifestyle, or to the same degree. Our movement from our original/natural habitat has made that necessary, although some have stayed home and maintain the old ways

Rakashan’s enjoy inhaling the bruised leaves of the Nalac plant, which acts as a stimulant.

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