General Information

No one from the World has ever met a Maker, for they destroyed themselves in the Maker War hundreds of years before explorers from the World discovered their homeland. What little is known about them has been gleaned from documents scavenged from the ruins of their once great cities. Scholars have pieced together a crude mechanism for understanding some parts of their written language and have built a rough picture of their society but even this information is conflicting and there is very little that everyone agrees upon.

Servitor Races and Fleshcrafting

The Makers focused some of their prodigious capabilities on the creation of servitor races, animals and even sentient species created for the sole purpose of performing tasks for the Makers. The means the Makers used remain unknown, but they were undoubtedly successful. Numerous Maker sources indicate that the minotaurs and the gearmen were created as slaves or servitors and there are ample hints that the Makers experimented with the mixing of machine and animal as well as the creation of other species that were seen as failures from a servitor standpoint. Undoubtedly, some of these failures survived the Maker War and now roam freely over the rusting bones of their one-time masters.

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