Magic Points and Recharge Time

Magic Points are acquired when taking the Arcane Background Edge and whenever the Edge More Points is taken. The acquisition of these points is governed by the rules below:

  • Upon taking Arcane Background: Arcane, the character receives 5 Magic Points (MP). See Making a Magical Character for more information on this.
  • The Edge More Points may be taken only once per Rank and only once as a Starting Edge. Each time More Points is taken, the character receives either 2 or 3 additional MP. The first time it is taken, the character receives 2 points. The next time, the character receives 3 MP and so on.
  • Other Edges or powers that impact MP acquisition or recharge do not exist in the game.

Those with the Arcane Background Edge recharge magic points when mentally and physically at rest for a contiguous period of not less 5 minutes. Mentally and physically at rest means:

  • Physically at rest (need not be asleep but can be, or can even be unconscious).
  • Not Dying
  • Not actively performing a Skill Check
  • Not actively engaged in conversation or planning
  • Not actively on guard, watch, or alert
  • Not eating or drinking
  • Not maintaining a power (see the Forum for clarifications)
  • In a reasonably safe location where the concern of sudden attack, injury or death is unlikely (behind a closed door in a dungeon is ok, on the side of a cliff in a snowstorm is not)

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Magic Points and Recharge Time

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