New Powers

These are new powers added to the campaign.

Create Water

Rank: Veteran (Water)
Power Points: 2 (or more)
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Trappings: Passing hands over a suitable vessel, touching one or more containers

Create Water creates fresh, clean water. The water is created at the point touched, but will fill a suitable container or containers (jug, barrel, waterskin or the like) if available. The spell creates one gallon of water plus two additional gallons of water for every additional power point spent. Excess water beyond the capacity of nearby containers appears near the point touched when the spell is cast.

It is possible to use this spell to put out fires or have other minor effects, but the created water is not pressurized and has no greater effect than spilled water of the same quantity would have.

Spirit Fetch

Rank: Heroic (Air)
Power Points: 20
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Trappings: Laying on hands, touching the target with a holy symbol, praying, shamanic ritual.

Spirit Fetch provides a way to retrieve the spirit of a recently deceased character. The casting of this power requires 1d6 hours of time and any interruption causes the power to fail. The caster suffers 2 points of Fatigue at the end of the ritual, regardless of success or failure.

The target spirit must be willing to return and makes a Spirit roll upon doing so. The Spirit roll suffers a penalty equal to the number of die types their Spirit is from a d12 (d12+1=+1,d12=0,d10=-1,d8=-2,d6=-3,d4=-4). Each raise the caster gets reduces the penalty by 1. A failure on this roll means the target permanently loses 1 die type for their Spirit. The player can still increase the character’s Spirit by using Advances, as normal.

For each 12 hours which has elapsed since the death of the target, their Spirit is reduced by 1 die type. Once the target’s Spirit is reduced below a d4, they are irretrievable.

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New Powers

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