The carnaphids (known among the Minotaur tribes as Lakraa- “eaters”) are hive creatures that build bizarre, sprawling structures of cemented earth. They are fiercely territorial and attack (and devour) other creatures that approach their colonies. While little is known about these creatures, they seem to be water hoarders, building ridged, open air ducts of cemented earth and chitin that funnel rain water into dark holes under their lairs. They work tirelessly on their structures – repairing and extending them according to some plan only they seem to understand. In doing so, they consume the vast majority of the resources near their lair: plants, stones of all sizes and even other creatures they come into contact with. Individually they do not appear intelligent, but collectively the colony operates with surprising efficiency and with apparent guided purpose though what that purpose may be is not at all understood. Once colonies reach a certain size, they tend to maintain that size without further growth. From these mature colonies, however, queens are sent forth to create new colonies.

The carnaphids seem to operate using a caste-like heirarchy of workers, soldiers, drones and queens like other organized insects, but how these various creatures are produced or raised and their true role in the colony is not well understood.

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