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  • Places

    A list of notable places [[Cog Square]] [[Dirt Hoarders]] [[Edge]] [[Makerland]] [[Necrodrommikaan]] [[Reach]] [[Toole]] [[World]] "Back to Main Page":Main-Page

  • Toole

    Toole (pronounced tool-leh) is a small port city of red adobe and rusted storage tanks eight days north of [[Edge]]. It is the nearest deepwater harbor to Edge and is the main shipping point for goods and materials between the [[World]] and [[Makerland …

  • Makerland

    Makerland is the name given to the isolated continent that sits on the far side of the [[Reach]], the vast ocean that crashes against the western shore of the [[World]]. It takes about 4 months to travel from Makerland to the World by caravel. The name …

  • World

    World is the slang term given to the (more) civilized continents across the [[Reach]]. It is the consumer of the many exotic materials and energy sources found in [[Makerland]] and is the source of the prisoners sent to toil in [[Edge]]. It may well …

  • Reach

    The Reach is the name of the vast, cold sea that separates [[Makerland]] from the [[World]]. It takes about 4 months to cross between the two continents, and that assumes reasonably good weather and few complications. "Back to Main":main-page "Back to …

  • Necrodrommikaan

    One of the food vendors in [[Cog Square | Cog Square]]. Known for their delicious smoked [[Drommik | Drommik]] meat and sandwiches. Run by [[Kenoin | Kenoin]]. [[Main Page | Back to Main]] [[Places | Back to Places]]

  • Cog Square

    Cog Square is located in [[Edge]] and is an open market area with many vendors, a performance/execution stage, and a huge half-embedded metal cog in the ground. [[Main Page | Back to Main]] [[Places | Back to Places]]

  • Edge

    h2. Overview Edge is the principle settlement in [[Makerland]]. It is formally a [[Makers | Maker]] city that suffered extensive earthquake damage to the extreme southern end of the city, either as a consequence of the [[Maker War]] or from natural …

  • Dirt Hoarders

    A semi-rundown tavern on the southwest edge of [[Edge | Edge]] near the drop. They have 5 rooms, rooms large enough to be comfortable to minotaurs. The also have a bar at the entrance end of the tavern. Dirt Hoarders is run by an older dwarf, a former …

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