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  • Cog Square

    Cog Square is located in [[Edge]] and is an open market area with many vendors, a performance/execution stage, and a huge half-embedded metal cog in the ground. [[Main Page | Back to Main]] [[Places | Back to Places]]

  • Edge

    h2. Overview Edge is the principle settlement in [[Makerland]]. It is formally a [[Makers | Maker]] city that suffered extensive earthquake damage to the extreme southern end of the city, either as a consequence of the [[Maker War]] or from natural …

  • Wards and Wardens

    The government of [[Edge]] consists of the corrupt, iron-fisted rule of the Wardens that oversee various Wards or aspects of operation of the city. This group is in turn led by [[The Warden]], the undisputed rule of Edge. Each Warden seems to treat …

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