Edge. It’s a good name for this wind-bitten, rusting city hanging on the lip of one of the great tears in the earth that rend this blasted landscape. And the name fits the people here too. Criminals, convicts, hustlers, mercenaries, every son of them under the Warden’s lash in one way or another. Doesn’t seem to matter much, really, what brought you here; you’ll find the edge inside you sooner or later just like I have. Come to think of it, you can say the same of the land; it’s at the edge too. The rivers are oily and thick, the scrub is sickly but tough as ironwire and the red clay they call soil doesn’t hold a crop worth a scrapper’s word. Oh but it still holds things, here and there, if you know where to look. Great gears and plates of iron worth more than a scrapper’s life or the lives of ten, intricate machines waiting for a daub of phlox to bring ’em back to life, records for the Book Ward, maybe a piece of whatever the Makers left behind when they burned themselves to ash in the Maker War.

Everything here in Edge has a price, though. Everything. Maybe, if you last here long enough and see a bit of luck, you might live long enough to see something in this place I could never find. Probably though, you’ll end up like me, standing at the edge with the price of a Ward on your head, watching the sewage from the rusting city behind us tumble into the darkness below. The edge, and nowhere left to go but back out there or down. ‘Bout time I step off this ledge and mix what’s left of me with the stink from the city. And it should tell you something about Edge when I say that down looks a whole lot better to me right now than going back out there does. It’s out or down here in Edge, and there ain’t no up, not for me and not for you either.

Rust is a player-driven, fantasy sandbox campaign set on a blasted continent littered with the rusting detritus of the Maker War, an event that drove the Makers to extinction and created a gold rush of exotic metals and technology for the civilized World an ocean away. The characters are criminals exiled to this poisoned land or are desperate souls with nothing to lose, willing to do anything to survive, equally the hunters or the hunted in a place dominated by cruel overlords, mutated creatures and the slowly decaying remnants of a once-great civilization.

Rust is played using Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition. If you are looking for an open-genre, rules-light game system that still manages to deliver tactical granularity, Savage Worlds may just be what you are looking for. Try it out.

We are the Northern Montgomery County Gamers Association (NMCGA), a group of older gamers that have been playing together for more than a decade. Some of our members have been gaming together for more than 20 years. We meet 50+ weeks a year, every Thursday evening for 4-6 hours to tell tales of high adventure, low adventure and just plain destruction.

A typical campaign runs about two years or so. Most recently, we finished Paizo’s Second Darkness Adventure Path, an affair that took about 18 months to complete and that ended with the party staving off the destruction of the world. It did, however, result in the deaths of thousands of thankless elves. Serves ’em right.


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